Healthy and Delicious Deli Sandwiches

The $8 Deli is committed to serving fresh, huge deli sandwiches of excellent quality at an amazing price.




The 8 Dollar Deli is making a HUGE step of growth so we can continue to provide HUGE-ASS sandwiches to our customers. 8 Dollar Deli is moving to where the rent is more reasonable. This is a HUGE step in securing our future in offering our customers the highest quality products for years to come. We are very grateful for all of those that came into the original location with such enthusiasm and support of our HUGE-ASS sandwiches.


$8 deli restaurant the loop

•  We are willing to go the extra mile to bring you fresh and wholesome ingredients for a mouth-watering experience.


• Our menu is simple because our sandwiches are just that good!  You won't need much else... well, maybe chips and a drink!


• Our ingredients are fresh, never frozen and without additives or preservatives.


• Some slideshow images courtesy of the RFT


Win a FREE sandwich! Each day, the customer who orders the 128th sandwich gets it for FREE! You won't know what number we are on for the day, but everyone will know if you win!


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Pose with our restaurant mascot for a picture and enter a name for him in our contest! Submit your suggestion here and we'll post the best suggestions on our Facebook page and let people vote.


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